Throwin’ it back to Schoolhouse Rock!

Schoolhouse Rock! Who knew? It was totally brill and growing up I really had no idea how clever they were. I mostly liked listening to the melody of each song as I sat in my pjs ready to watch all the Saturday morning cartoons with my brother and sister. Which was my favorite you ask?

Conjunction Junction! Of course!!!

It’s long LONG overdue to throw it back to Schoolhouse Rock. For a little historical overview, I turn to my most valuable source in news (next to the EIB [excellence in broadcast] network), Wiki, for a few fun facts on how these jingles started.

Schoolhouse Rock began as a commercial advertising venture by David McCall when he noticed one of his sons, who was having trouble in school remembering the multiplication tables, easily memorized the lyrics to many current rock songs. His idea began with “Three Is a Magic Number,” and the topics just flourished from there to include grammar, science, economics, history, mathematics, and politics. The series aired between 1972 and 1986, with new shows created between 1993 and 1996 until its cancellation by ABC in 2001.

As I think about the excellence of Schoolhouse Rock, I’m reminded how it’s so very parallel to this here Innerspaeth blog. Both are witty, smart, catchy and pretty darn fun! Now, ain’t that clever!?

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