The Secret Life of Toys

I always thought my stuffed animals were real but pretended not to be real when I was around them. This theory proves true in Jim Henson’s The Christmas Toy!

My sister and I LOVED this movie when we were little. All the characters were soooo cute! There was Rugby the Tiger, Apple, the scary Meteora and my favorite — the mouse named Mew.

This story explains my theory which is why it sucked me in time and time again. When no people are around the toys still play in the playroom, but since a toy will be frozen forever if a person catches it out of position, they have to be very careful. In this movie it’s Christmas Eve, and Rugby the Tiger remembers how he was the Christmas Toy last year, and thinks he’s going to be unwrapped again. It’s up to Apple the Doll, whom Rugby supplanted as favorite toy, to tell him what’s in store. Rugby won’t believe her, and tries to get into the Christmas package and lets Meteora, Queen of the Asteroids loose. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know she’s a toy (which cracks me up), and thinks she’s landed among aliens. In the end, it’s up to Apple, Mew (the Cat’s toy mouse), and the other toys to get Rugby out of the box and Meteora back in it before they’re found and frozen.

This is the only video I could find, but gosh it’s soo cute and starts off with Mew!

LOL! When Meteora asks Mew “What planet is this?” and Mew says “ahhhhh… living room…??!!!” I loose it. It’s just sooo cute! This movie is a must see during the holidays.

One thought on “The Secret Life of Toys

  1. This video clip is Jim Henson’s the christmas toy but I am looking for the CD of the secret life of toys was a another Jim Henson Production is in America tell me If you spotted it on CD
    Jake Harradine

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