Lips. Roosters & Michael Graves.

What do these three things have in common? They all describe my adorable new Michael Graves tea kettle which was purchased this weekend at Target.

Michael Graves for Target Tea Kettle
Michael Graves for Target Tea Kettle

Now, this isn’t exactly the rooster kettle I purchased, but it’s similar in it’s look at feel. I find it’s important to purchase an item from your personal list of “finer things” from time to time, and luckily for me my time was this weekend.

And now allow me to explain the title of this post:

1. Lips.
Actually spout. They must be shaped appropriately (slanted up) as to minimize spills / dripping and maximize boiling water to mug.

2. Rooster
At the top of my spout is the cutest red rooster head. When the water is boiling the rooster crows, as if to wake me from my morning slumber.

3. Michael Graves
Michael Graves, one of the most celebrated architects and designers of our time, created this tea kettle for Target. His philosophy is simple: “Good design should be accessible to all.” The Michael Graves Design Collection for Target is comprised of 200 kitchen, cleaning, storage and home décor products designed to meet your needs and enhance your lifestyle. Each piece is “an inspired balance of form and function created to infuse our daily lives with great design and joy.”

The best part is, no storage space is compromised! Since the kettle is designed to infuse my daily life with joy, why the heck would I place it in the dark depths of my pantry? It sits out on my stove for all visitors to see. In Fact, swing by and take a look yourself! A complementary cup of warm chamomile tea will be included in your visit.