Musical Wednesday

It’s hump day. Half the week is over and the weekend is in sight. Why not celebrate with a little musical delight? Starting today, Wednesdays will forever be “Musical Wednesday” where I select a tune that’s down-right fabulous and post it for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and relax my faithful Innerspaeth reader, I’m always looking out for you.

Week #1 – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Valentines Day Mix Tape: My Top 5 Songs

On my way to work I occasionally listen to Hot 99.5’s, The Kane Show. Today the three morning DJ’s, Kane, Sarah and Sammy were having a friendly competition to see who could select the best Valentines Day songs. Some of their selections were absolutely hilarious (including “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails, “Red Light Special” by TLC and “Doin It” by LL Cool J just to give you an idea). This of course, kept me laughing all the way to work.

So in turn, I thought I’d put together my list to share with all of you faithful Innerspaeth readers. At first I was going to do a ridiculous mix of salty, sassy and sexy like the Kane Show, but then I thought, why? I’m always funny, so why not switch things up and make it a true V Day mix? So with that I chose only the classics.

#5: Barry White -Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe

#4: Madonna – Get Together

#3: Teitur – You’re The Ocean

#2: Daft Punk – Digital Love

#1: Shania Twain – You’re still the one (and this one goes out to my Uncle Dan)

Madonna take 1

This weekend is my first experience seeing Madonna, live and in concert. The Sticky and Sweet Tour is said to be absolutely amazing, and I just cannot wait.


I’m “technically” throwing it back to Madonna this whole week. A history lesson if you will. Madonna style.

In 1982, Madonna signed a singles deal with Sire Records, a label belonging to Warner Bros. Records. Her first release was “Everybody” on April 24, 1982 and for your listening and viewing enjoyment, here is the video.

Rock Hard.

My fabulous RIT classmate and swanky NYC designer friend Jeff and I are going to see MADONNA in October.

On the heals of the Queen of Pop’s world tour debut this past Saturday in the Welsh city of Cardiff, I’m very “Sticky & Sweet” with excitement. Below are a few choice photographs by REUTERS photographer Luke MacGregor to detail my excitement for not only her show and wardrobe selections, but also her bad ass body.

REUTERS - Photography by Luke MacGregor
REUTERS - Photography by Luke MacGregor

REUTERS - Photography by Luke MacGregor
REUTERS - Photography by Luke MacGregor

REUTERS - Photography by Luke MacGregor
REUTERS - Photography by Luke MacGregor