My not so over-zealous resolution

I will not be kicking off the new year with a “gloriously over-zealous resolution for 2009″. Nay. To the contrary, my resolution involves this blog and your daily ‘spoon of sugar’ Mr. / Ms. Innerspaeth reader!

I find that it’s good to challenge oneself, and in the spirit of the holiday I hate the most, I’ve decided to set an ambitious goal and pump myself up about it. On the heels of my recent obsession with social networking, specifically twittering, I’ve decided to “take it up a notch” with my blog. It’s time to incorporate more than just my random thoughts (ie – things to put in a salad) on Innerspaeth. My idea is to start an interview series where I conduct one-on-one interviews with local individuals in the DC Metro area that are doing something spectacular. Spectacular in this case really only relates to what I, in the most grand sense, feel is deserving enough, but the idea of the interview allows for uncertainty which is easily the most exciting part.

This kind of thing isn’t really new. Debbie Millman, my mentor, friend and quite possibly the mother of branding in NYC, hosts the weekly live internet radio show Design Matters available on Voice America Business. The show was voted 9th out of over 300 entries for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s People’s Choice Award in 2007. The show is also available as Podcasts on iTunes, where over 100,000 people download the show every month. Design Matters features Debbie, beginning with an always eloquent and meaningful monologue that relates to the interview topic which takes place in the remaining hour. She’s interviewed pretty much every important design star in the industry and she takes callers questions near the end of the show. I once asked Debbie what her all time favorite show was, and oddly it was my favorite as well — the interview with Milton Glaser on 10-5-05.

I’m also diving into the NPR series entitled StoryCorps which was referred to me by Mr. Giam Trinh. This series highlights recording booths across America where everyday people come in and interview one another about their lives. With Design Matters and StoryCorps as my inspiration, I’m hopeful that my resolution will span through the entire year.

I’m in the process of ironing out the interview list and their respective questions. So far I’ve decided to start with my very dear friend, Mr. Jim Darling who has recently begun several photography projects on flickr including the 100 Strangers Project, 100 People I Know and 52 weeks of self portraits. Check out his work and stay tuned for the interview!

Get Inspired!!! What is AIGA?

Many of my non-AIGA friends often wonder what I’m doing when I say “oh I have an AIGA meeting (or event, or happy hour, or conference or retreat etc).” This video was first unleashed during our Leadership Retreat last May in Omaha, NE and it explains what AIGA is and begins to quantify everything that we’re doing as a professional organization. It’s worth the 7 minutes (ooh! Don’t miss the outtakes at the end!)

We come together, with like minds, to share ideas and passions for promoting the value of design! For more information visit the national AIGA website or my local chapter (DC)