Sad UP. Confident Jawbone.

I was more excited for that Jawbone UP then I really should have been. Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t really think it was going to be the answer to a more active lifestyle, but I was excited to track my progress, patterns and use it to my fitness advantage.

A mere three days after my upbeat and optimistic blog post, my UP vibrated and died. No more tracking. No more patters. No more movement alerts. Seriously? Yep. I should have just gotten the FITBIT. Maybe I still will.

Then, after tweeting about my broken and sad-faced UP, a friend of mine sent me this link. Too ironic right? That never happens to me. The article states:

Jawbone has released an announcement that it will offer a no-questions-asked refund policy on the UP in order to win back customer confidence.

I submitted my information and yesterday I got my refund in the mail. Nope, they weren’t kidding.

I’m not sure if this has really changed my opinion of the UP. After all, I did buy it from the Apple store and I’m sure they would have taken it back.

Overall thoughts: The data it collected was interesting, but not ground breaking. Again, the sleep data was by far the most interesting but not necessary. It didn’t help me sleep better, in fact I probably slept worse knowing it was tracking me ALL NIGHT LONG. The feature that allows you to compete against other people was motivating. I was waiting for my sister to get one and the day she did mine stopped working. Hilarious.

Overall great idea — I’m anxious to see what they come out with as an adaption to the UP. Will I buy it? Maybe. I haven’t lost my confidence in Jawbone.

And it’s August. I was busy.

“Where did the Summer go?” Is something that you’ll start to hear right about now and through the end of August. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been asking yourself (and possibly others) this question since the middle of July. My last post was JUNE for crying out loud. That’s a disgrace.

Before I write the excuse that I HATE hearing the most, let me first apologize. I’m sorry. Really, I’m sorry. The reason I have not updated dear and faithful Innerspaeth is because…




I’ve been busy.

Now I know to some, this is an OK excuse, they use it all the time. When is it acceptable to say “you’re busy” and how “busy” are you? Busy is about as relative as beautiful anymore so it really has no meaning without some detail. So, I’m sure your next inevitable question is “Well, what have you been up to then?” Let me save you the asking and I’ll just get to the highlights:

1. June was the start of the chaos. I officially became AIGA DC‘s Chapter President. In my first official role as president, I attended the National Leadership Retreat in Portland, OR with six other board members in tow. We mingled and brainstormed with other chapter leaders from across the nation, within 64 other AIGA chapters! The main focus of the retreat was the future of the design profession, and how we, AIGA, as the largest professional association for design should adapt, which brings me to the Mandate for 2014.

2. From there, the AIGA DC chapter board members got together for our annual retreat over the last weekend of June. We gathered at FOX Architect‘s DC office for two days of interaction, brainstorm and good, old-fashioned fun. We spent a lot of time discussing what AIGA is, how we engage our members, the mandate and programming. We paused for a break on Sunday for some cake decorating fun. Everyone broke up into teams of two to discuss then decorate a cake on the question: What does AIGA mean to it’s members?

Cake by Allison Bucheere & Roy Whilelm
Cake by Allison Bucchere & Roy Wilhelm

3. I got an iPhone.

4. I downloaded lots of Apps.

5. Had my first ever dinner at Nora in DC.

1. I’ve been in the DC Metro area for five years now and have never seen fireworks in DC! With that, I went down to the mall with some very lovely friends (and Mr. M) and watched them. I also used my Pano App and took this picture of the Washington Monument, seconds before the fireworks started.

The Washington Monument on July 4th
The Washington Monument on July 4th

2. I grew out my eyebrows. They were getting way to thin and it had to be done. In case you’re wondering, I’m STILL trying to get them back into shape. Tip: Don’t pluck when you’re stressed or angry.

3. Solidified AIGA DC board positions. You can see all the wonderful people who put their blood, sweat and tears into our chapter here: AIGA DC Board of Directors.

4. Successfully dropped two percentage points of body fat by spinning two more days a week.

5. Really got to rolling on this year’s AIGA DC design competition called AIGA 50. Working with the interactive team at Grafik, we’ve hit the world wide web with the competition. We’re set to launch in September. Stay tuned.

6. Selected the AIGA DC Fellow, David Franek of the Design Channel and begun planning a cocktail hour in his honor. The event was held last week and was quite a success!

7. Hit the pool 2 or 3 times on the weekend.

8. Decided to get a road bike.

9. Started researching road bikes.

10. Went to Pennsylvania to visit my lovely family: Chris, Jenn, Mom and Dad. It was just like old times. Oh, Cipe and Sirloin came too. They hated the carry case though.

Cipe (left) Sirloin (right) having a blast.
Cipe (left) Sirloin (right) having a blast.

And now it’s August. It’s time to ramp up for September, wave buh-bye to the summer and get back to business. I just need to remind myself to stop back and blog again. Did you guys miss me?

Musical Wednesday

It’s hump day. Half the week is over and the weekend is in sight. Why not celebrate with a little musical delight? Starting today, Wednesdays will forever be “Musical Wednesday” where I select a tune that’s down-right fabulous and post it for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and relax my faithful Innerspaeth reader, I’m always looking out for you.

Week #1 – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Throwin’ it Back to She-ra! (#15)

For the honor of Grayskull, I was totally She-ra growing up. Only a few others know my secret, so try to keep it close.

My brother was He-man and I had She-ra. It was perfect really since He-Man was actually Adora’s twin brother. We both had alter egos. I was Princess Adora and Chris was Prince Adam and it was really just as simple as that. Usually over the weekend we’d run around the yard on quests to save the world & protect Grayskull as we pretended to be our favorite superhero. My brother would hide behind the shrubbery and type into a rock like it was his computer. I actually caught him doing this once and though it was a brilliant idea. We both had swords and pretended that the porch as Grayskull. Every once in a while I would catch my brother yelling from the porch “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL…!!!!” and then he’d suddenly start running around like and idiot. There was really no rhyme or reason to our madness, it was just in good fun.

So in case you don’t recall here’s the opening sequence to the TV show:

She Ra is known as the Princess of Power. As such, she has superhuman strength and is highly resistant to damage. She also possesses superhuman speed and agility, a healing touch, as well as the ability to speak with animals telepathically, which was easily my favorite part.

It’s fun to pretend every once in a while, in fact I encourage it. So if you have time this weekend, remember back to your favorite superhero and spend a minute in their shoes. Recall your great memories and smile. It’s OK to pretend you have superhuman strength, agility, and speed. Just don’t forget to protect your fortress from evil doers.

100 Celebrations

As The Lazy Girl’s Guide suggests, creating your top 100 celebrations (or 100 things you love) is surprisingly easy and fun! I actually have a condensed version of this in my “about” section, but that was top 10, which is much harder.

So, with that I took her hearty advice and started my own list of 100 things I celebrate! This is also an appropriate thing do to on Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day!

1. runner’s high
2. brand new running shoes
3. coffee brewing in the AM
4. clean socks
5. Sirloin’s belly
6. Cipe’s meow
7. a full tank of gas
8. singing when nobody is listening
9. Christmas scented candles
10. avocado
11. cleaning
12. dirty vodka martinis
13. SATC episode 50
14. getting up early
15. my macbook pro
16. feta stuffed olives
17. AIGA
18. water
19. pillows with pattern
20. sunday brunch
21. push-ups
22. earmuffs
23. The Closer
24. my TSX (Roxanne)
25. a freshly vacuumed carpet
26. early morning runs
27. Thanksgiving meal
28. reading
29. my family
30. my dad’s forgetfulness
31. lip gloss
32. chickpeas
33. coffeemate creamer
34. cheeseburgers
35. fall
36. NFL season
37. Rochester, NY
38. clean towels
39. baking
40. Wegmans
41. facebook
42. black friday shopping
43. dark nail polish
44. people laughing
45. banana bread
46. vogue
47. graphic design
48. colors
49. great friends
50. birthday cards
51. chardonnay (kendall jackson)
52. wrapping presents
53. parties
54. Christmas breakfast
55. xm radio
56. classical drawing class
57. driving home for the holidays
58. stuffed animals
59. kittens
60. Pierce Brosnan (specifically in The Thomas Crown Affair)
61. watching a movie with family
62. Malbec
63. my blog
64. buying new shoes
65. sales
66. skirts in the summer
67. Hard Candy (the Madonna album)
68. Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA
69. girlfriends
70. Ron’s AM bootcamps
71. a salad with a glass of wine
72. my sister
73. New York City
74. kitty toys
75. art museums
76. the ballet
78. Paris
79. airports
80. a warm bed
81. a fancy dinner out
82. cheesecake
83. tailgating
84. catnip
85. getting dressed up
86. Chanel Mademoiselle perfume
87. cologne
88. graphic design history
89. instant messenger
90. the beach
91. healthy skin
92. Samantha Jones (satc)
93. my brother’s scientific jargon
94. cupcakes
95. beautiful typography
96. bright blue water
97. The AIGA Leadership Retreat
98. blooming orchids
99. my goddaughter
100. a perfect lemon meringue pie

freshly baked this AM by my mom
freshly baked this AM by my mom