Finding your truth and the F word.

I was surfing my TED subscription on YouTube and came across Gabrielle Bernstein‘s TEDxFiDiWomen Talk. I can’t recall how I heard of Bernstein, but she’s a motivational speaker and author of Add More Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness . She also has a YouTube channel that I subscribe to and quite enjoy. She posts short vlogs on recent thoughts or just general words of motivation.

Her TED Talk below put me in a good mood yesterday and convinced me that I need to start living beyond my wildest dreams, every day.

Carrie’s House

After making a delicious visit to Magnolia Bakery, my New York City Sister and I went to Carrie Bradshaw’s house. It was a splendid find in the heard of The Village this past Saturday and it was absolutely fabulous.

The map my Sister and I were using didn’t have the actual location of Carrie’s famous steps, probably because some very lucky New Yorker lives there, yet we still found it! Searching for the wondrous cupcake bakery, we stumbled upon Carrie Bradshaw’s en route from the park Steven and Miranda got married.

Carrie Bradshaw\'s House in the Village of NYC
Carrie Bradshaw's House in The Village of NYC

It’s charming and wonderful. I couldn’t believe we found it! Just thinking about all of the fantastic conversations that took place on those famous steps brought a nostalgic breeze of irony to the tip of my nose. The way my Sister and I stumbled upon those steps mimics the way I discovered SATC years after it first began and I wouldn’t have it any other way.