Sad UP. Confident Jawbone.

I was more excited for that Jawbone UP then I really should have been. Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t really think it was going to be the answer to a more active lifestyle, but I was excited to track my progress, patterns and use it to my fitness advantage.

A mere three days after my upbeat and optimistic blog post, my UP vibrated and died. No more tracking. No more patters. No more movement alerts. Seriously? Yep. I should have just gotten the FITBIT. Maybe I still will.

Then, after tweeting about my broken and sad-faced UP, a friend of mine sent me this link. Too ironic right? That never happens to me. The article states:

Jawbone has released an announcement that it will offer a no-questions-asked refund policy on the UP in order to win back customer confidence.

I submitted my information and yesterday I got my refund in the mail. Nope, they weren’t kidding.

I’m not sure if this has really changed my opinion of the UP. After all, I did buy it from the Apple store and I’m sure they would have taken it back.

Overall thoughts: The data it collected was interesting, but not ground breaking. Again, the sleep data was by far the most interesting but not necessary. It didn’t help me sleep better, in fact I probably slept worse knowing it was tracking me ALL NIGHT LONG. The feature that allows you to compete against other people was motivating. I was waiting for my sister to get one and the day she did mine stopped working. Hilarious.

Overall great idea — I’m anxious to see what they come out with as an adaption to the UP. Will I buy it? Maybe. I haven’t lost my confidence in Jawbone.

Finding your truth and the F word.

I was surfing my TED subscription on YouTube and came across Gabrielle Bernstein‘s TEDxFiDiWomen Talk. I can’t recall how I heard of Bernstein, but she’s a motivational speaker and author of Add More Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness . She also has a YouTube channel that I subscribe to and quite enjoy. She posts short vlogs on recent thoughts or just general words of motivation.

Her TED Talk below put me in a good mood yesterday and convinced me that I need to start living beyond my wildest dreams, every day.

I met Gabrielle Bonheur tonight.

Breathtakingly gorgeous, Coco Before Chanel was an amazing look at the life of Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, the pioneering French fashion designer who’s menswear-inspired fashions with expensive simplicity make her one of the most important figures in the fashion industry, ever.

The film began as the quiet young Coco, at the age of 12 years, was dropped at the orphanage of Aubazine where she learned the trade of a seamstress. After six years in the orphanage she left and continued her work as a seamstress by day and a cabaret singer by night. She performed in clubs where the regulars called her “coco” after the songs she used to sing: Vous n’auriez pas vu Coco?

Chanel was a determined young woman. She was tough, hard working, dedicated to her craft and terribly ambitious. While living as a mistress with Étienne Balsan, a French textile heir, she continued her work in the tailoring shop then began designing hats as a hobby. She designed many hats for Balsan’s friend — the theater actress Gabrielle Dorziat which helped her gain recognition as a designer. Her hobby soon turned into a deep interest, a passion that took her to Paris and opened her eyes to the world of fashion.

After becoming a licensed hat maker (modiste) in 1910, Chanel opened a boutique at 21 rue Cambon, Paris named Chanel Modes. She continued to design luxurious hats for Gabrielle Dorziat until the love of her life, Captain Arthur Edward ‘Boy’ Capel, whom she met through Balsan, died it a tragic car accident. The film portrayed Chanel’s devastation as life changing, fully propelling her fashion design. She spent her days and all hours of the night developing her ideas into a career as a fashion designer.

The film’s cinematography was sensational. Each frame was gracefully articulate in color, composition, lighting. Here are a few frames in sequential order.











Watch the trailer and submerse yourself in Coco.

“Wired” to the iPad

I wasn’t sure I really cared about the iPad. I mean, how much more technology do I really need (I totally feel like my grandma saying that).

Here’s the thing: technology is changing the way we engage with each other and with content. The iPad is going to enable magazines to thrive again, using multidimensional experiences to re-engage with their audience. This is so cool! Check out this video by Wired on their new iPad App:

I love Joan Holloway

Last night John and I watched the finale of MadMen, Season 3. We always end up watching the Sunday episode after it’s aired, so inevitably we hear comments about the episode on Monday morning (via twitter, facebook, and just general discussion.)

This episode WAS worth all the hype everyone was making over it. Not only was I glued to John’s new and very manly entertainment center (yes, it’s really amazing) it was funny! There were a few choice lines by Roger Sterling that really made me howl, more so than any other episode.

But now comes the waiting game, and I hate waiting. I want to know what happens with Sterling Cooper Draper Price NOW! *Sigh*, but in due time. I have been wondering what will happen with each of the characters. Who will be on the show, who’s off and what happens with Betty! Brian Moylan posted an interesting story yesterday outlining his idea of who’ll be back for the next season.

If nobody else, I want need Joan Harris (aka Holloway) to return. To be honest, I don’t even care if Don Draper HIMSELF returns. Joan is my all-time favorite character. I was so sad when she left Sterling Cooper. I was just about ready to throw the whole series out the window until she appeared in Episode 8 when Peter drops by the Bonwit Teller department store with Mrs. Lawrence’s dress and discovers that Joan has taken a supervisor’s job there.

Joan looking amazing at Bonwit Teller, as usual.
Joan looking amazing at Bonwit Teller, as usual.

There are many reasons why I love Joan, but here are my top 10:

1. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

2. She cultivates her curves.

3. She makes decisions and doesn’t think twice about them.

4. She never succumbs to male pressure (only when she can get pleasure out of it).

5. She’s got style:
“Try to stay away from pattern prints. Stick with solid colors. Your mother wears pattern prints, not you.”

6. She understands effective branding:
“Men like it when you smoke their brand. It makes them feel like you have something in common. Nothing is steamier than red gloss wrapped around your man’s favorite smoke. But when out with girls always smoke Pall Malls, Marlboros are for tramps.”

7. She’s blunt.
“Roger, if you had your way, I would be stranded in some paperweight with my legs stuck in the air.”

8. She offers great advice.
“Go home, take a paper bag, cut some eyeholes out of it. Put it over your head, get undressed and look at yourself in the mirror. Really evaluate where your strengths and weaknesses are. And be honest.”

9. She’s realistic.
“He may act like he wants a secretary, but most of the time they’re looking for something between a mother and a waitress.”

10. There’s no other Joan.

Needed a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’

I know, I know. It’s been a while since I last posted. I have no excuse beyond being busy, which nobody really accepts anymore anyway, so I digress.

The Urban Cowboy, New York City’s finest designer around – Mark Guthridge – sent me this video today. I just love it and wanted to use it to inspire me to start blogging again. A little inspiration goes a long way, huh?

Letterpress Poster Printing from Joshua Gerken on Vimeo.

Lips. Roosters & Michael Graves.

What do these three things have in common? They all describe my adorable new Michael Graves tea kettle which was purchased this weekend at Target.

Michael Graves for Target Tea Kettle
Michael Graves for Target Tea Kettle

Now, this isn’t exactly the rooster kettle I purchased, but it’s similar in it’s look at feel. I find it’s important to purchase an item from your personal list of “finer things” from time to time, and luckily for me my time was this weekend.

And now allow me to explain the title of this post:

1. Lips.
Actually spout. They must be shaped appropriately (slanted up) as to minimize spills / dripping and maximize boiling water to mug.

2. Rooster
At the top of my spout is the cutest red rooster head. When the water is boiling the rooster crows, as if to wake me from my morning slumber.

3. Michael Graves
Michael Graves, one of the most celebrated architects and designers of our time, created this tea kettle for Target. His philosophy is simple: “Good design should be accessible to all.” The Michael Graves Design Collection for Target is comprised of 200 kitchen, cleaning, storage and home décor products designed to meet your needs and enhance your lifestyle. Each piece is “an inspired balance of form and function created to infuse our daily lives with great design and joy.”

The best part is, no storage space is compromised! Since the kettle is designed to infuse my daily life with joy, why the heck would I place it in the dark depths of my pantry? It sits out on my stove for all visitors to see. In Fact, swing by and take a look yourself! A complementary cup of warm chamomile tea will be included in your visit.