This Whole “G” Thing

A couple of Monday nights ago I was indulging in some “tube” time with the cats and watching my boyfriend Jack Bauer on 24. I normally get up during the commercials, but Sirloin was sitting on my lap and I didn’t want to disturb her so I stuck it out. I’m glad I did because it presented me with today’s post. What the HECK is this Gatorade “G” thing and why are there creepy dudes wearing masks dancing to a voice over of lil Wayne?

Does anyone else find the end of this commercial slightly horrifying and have you ever heard of the JabbaWockeeZ? I’m either completely out of the know (unlikely) or there are a bunch of other people sitting in their living rooms thinking the same exact thing I did that night.

Either way I got sucked in enough to do a little research on this whole new “G” thing. According to Gatorade:

Gatorade G is the same scientifically formulated Gatorade Thirst Quencher that has provided advanced hydration and performance benefits to athletes and active people for more than 40 years. Gatorade Thirst Quencher has a new attitude, and we put the letter “G” front and center on our packaging, along with our iconic bolt. G represents the heart, hustle, and soul of athleticism – and is a badge of pride for anyone who sweats, no matter where they’re active.

So it’s the same exact drink. It’s the same scientifically formulated advanced hydration beverage and they admit it, but here’s the catch: It’s good advertising. Why? Because it sucked me in, to the point where I’m actually buying more Gatorade and drinking one right now! In fact, I was so sucked into the creepy dancing weirdos that I spent my free time looking up this information then blogging and twittering about it.

I think we can all learn something from Gatorade’s new ad. Illusion sells and it’s time to stop reinventing the wheel. As a consumer, when we think something’s different or new we try it. We might even trick ourselves into believing it’s different, or better, when really all that’s new is the packaging and sales approach. Kudos to Gatorade. They clearly get the idea: perception is reality.

An example of non-navel gazing.

On the heel’s of Spike’s recent post from the Brains on Fire Blog, this Royal Bank of Canada (henceforth RBC) spot shows THEY GET IT!!! This ad is all about the wonderful things that happened to the Muffin Man because of the great opportunities the RBC provided to them.

RBC must have received their memo from the universe, Spike. They’ve produced an ad that their customers will understand! No more navel gazing at RBC!

(Shout out to S. McClure who alerted me to this fabulousness.)