180 miles TO. END. CANCER.

To be quite frank, I’m so sick and tired of cancer. I hate it. I hate how it takes away my friends and loved ones. I hate how it affects healthy young people. I hate how it selfishly takes away memories and years. This is why I’ve decided to ride 180 miles again this year in an effort to raise $2,200 for cancer research.

Last year I rode 180 miles with Team Speranza to celebrate the life and memory of a dear family friend, Phil Krause. Here are some images from that ride in 2011:

Phil was a selfless light. He brought laughter, love and hope to everyone around him. He was my Uncle’s best friend. He was my Cousin’s Godfather. He was a brother and a dear friend. He was my mentor.

Phil taught me many things, but the one thing that he always reminded me to do was to ENJOY every single moment of my life. He told me to revel in it and marvel at it. He always told me to use all of my talents to make each day better than the last one.

Pelotonia 11 was such a memorable experience. I enjoyed every single solitary moment of it. Pelotonia 11 was the fruition of everything Phil taught me about enjoying life, and I can’t imagine not riding Pelotonia 12 in his memory for another year.

I hope you can support me through messages, donations and love! Here is a link to my rider profile for more information on making a donation. I plan to write more consistently this year about my training and progress as Pelotonia 12 approaches. Stay tuned for updates! Thank you for your support!

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