Reasons why Wegmans is the best #7!

Sale. Sale. Sale. Have I caught every woman’s attention? Wegmans is the best because they have huge S.A.L.E.S. Constantly. Yes. This I am not lying about.

Here is a list of the things I normally get on sale at Wegmans and the price. I challenge you to try and beat this at Giant, Safeway, or best of all Whole Foods (as much as I do enjoy the Whole Foods near my house).

1. 24 Pack of 16.9FL bottled spring water = $3.99
2. 8 Pack of extra absorbent paper towels = $4.99
3. 1 3 oz can of fancy feast gourmet cat food = $0.45
4. 1 dozen large eggs = $0.99
5. 160 facial tissues = $0.79

Seriously, people. I’m really not making this up! If you live near a Wegmans pick up the weekly flyer and have a look through it. You’re sure to find some deals. Below is an image of the Fairfax flyer this week. Pick one up and start saving today!

Reasons Why Wegmans is the Best #6!

You WILL save money shopping at Wegmans.

People always ask me why I like love Wegmans. First and foremost, I say customer service. Fine. They can see that. Second, I’d say the prices are better and I get the shocked “no they are not” look, which annoys me to death.

Finally, Washington’s Consumers’ Checkbook did the dirty work to prove my point. In their study of local (MD/VA/DC) grocery stores in a comparison of price, produce and customer service, guess who dominated the top spot in all THREE categories? Wegmans of course!

The price comparison study was probably the most shocking. Let’s say a family spent $150 dollars a week / year on groceries. According to Consumers’ Checkbook that family would spend $900 less buying the same foods at Wegmans per year. Further, that family would spend $3500 more on the same foods if they shopped at Whole Foods.

Produce was equally as laughable. Wegmans at 94% satisfaction compared to Giant at a measly 28%. So sorry Giant. Guess you should have focused more of your rebrand efforts on better produce.

Gosh, I love being right.

Reasons Why Wegmans is the Best #5

Mindfully planed as reason #5, Wegmans is the best because they round out the top 5 “Best Companies To Work For” in 2009 by Fortune Magazine. So what if they’re down from the 3 spot last year, they’re still in the top 5. What other grocery store chain can say the same?

We all know that I have a weird obsession with Wegmans, but the employees must too if they continuously vote their company to the highest spot on Fortune’s hot list. But why? When Wegmans surveyed its employees to better understand why they like their jobs soo much, the top reasons that emerge are flexibility in scheduling and pride in the company and in their workplace family. I’m sure the free yoga classes at each location and the 10% discount on gift cards doesn’t hurt either!

I’m also continually impressed with Wegmans CEO (who I met!!!) Danny Wegman. He believes that, “With the challenging economy, being a great place to work is the best way we can take care of our customers.” Wegmans core philosophy is rooted in the belief that if you take care of employees, they will, in turn, take care of customers. Bingo Danny. Bingo.

A driving factor for the companies on this year’s list is that they excel at creating jobs. Of the 100 companies on the 2009 list, about 73 are currently hiring, including, Wegmans. In fact, two new stores are opening up right here in Virginia this year!

Hats off to you, Wegmans. You make momma proud.

Reasons Why Wegmans is the Best #4

They ‘just know’ when you need assistance.

So yesterday I was struggling to fill up my carry-out soup container with chicken noodle whilst holding my 5ish newspapers. I certainly didn’t want soupy-ness on my newspapers, but I also didn’t want to put them on the ground to be stepped on. It was quite the dilemma. What should I do?

Then, all of a sudden, like an angel coming out behind a fluffy white cloud, the butcher appeared to rescue me. He said “Can I help you with those newspapers miss?” I immediately stopped my fumbling, looked up at him and smiled “why yes!”

Let’s assess this situation for just one moment because there are two very important factors here:

1. He said MISS instead of Ma’am. (bonus point number 1)

2. He offered to assist me even though I didn’t ask. (bonus point number 2)

This is what Wegmans is ALL about! Not only is every single employee polite, but they’re always willing to help you, long before you ask! I’ve talked about this before but just found this moment at the soup bar to be ironic. I’m not sure if the ‘God’s just align’ for me every time I’m at Wegmans or if the place is just that good, either way it’s reason #4.

Why Wegmans is the BEST: Reason #2

Fresh baked bread. Daily. Hourly. Even late!

I usually make at least 3 trips to Wegmans over the weekend, sometimes 4. Now, Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning my house and getting it “Christmas ready” and then headed out to grab a few items for dinner. I decided it would be delicious to have some fresh baked bread to accompany my pasta, but was unsure whether the bread would still be warmly fresh at 6PM like it is at 6AM.

Well that was silly! Of course it will be warm! It’s Wegmans!!!

The moment my hand hit the freshly wrapped bread package I could feel the warmness and I nearly melted. It was 6PM! They were still churning out the freshly baked bread! This is why I love Wegmans. They work late for the people, like me, who might come in at 6PM hoping for a warm loaf of bread for dinner. This is why it’s brand is so strong! They know what I’m looking before I even THINK to ask! Brilliant!

So like a goober, I totally savored in my warm bread moment. I brought it to my face and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath, breathing in it’s freshly baked goodness and exhaled. Slowly. Then I looked at the loaf and said “mmmmmmmmmmm!” and as I was about to turn around and head for the pasta sauce I noticed the bread baker behind the counter was staring at me. He just smiled and then went back to his business. At first I was self conscious, but then I realized – He enjoyed watching my warm bread moment! He loved the fact that I was oozing over the bread he just baked and put out on the shelf. I didn’t even have to say anything for him to feel my excitement thus my thanks. And that my friends is non-verbal communication at it’s finest!

There we have reason #2. I beg you to test my observation and go looking for a freshly baked bread around 6PM at Wegmans. You’ll surely be as delighted as I was. Make sure to enjoy the warm bread moment too – the baker appreciates it!

Why Wegmans is the BEST: Reason #1

Friendly people work there.

It’s really as simple as that. I keep going back to Wegmans because I swear THE friendliest people on the planet work there. And it doesn’t matter which one you go to because they’re all the same. Smiling. Happy. Helpful. Caring. Smart. Charismatic. This all leads me to wonder, why are they ALL like this? Is it the fair wages or the great benefits? Maybe, but I have a hunch that says it’s in the leadership.

Wegmans has appeared on FORTUNE’s Best Place to Work list every year since it was first published in 1998 and has ranked among the top 10 for six consecutive years.

“Every one of our employees and our customers should stand up and take a bow, because together they make Wegmans a special place. Whenever I’m in one of our stores, customers stop to tell me how much they appreciate our employees. You can imagine how great that makes our people feel and why they enjoy coming to work everyday,” says Wegmans CEO Danny Wegman.

Wegmans’ 5 core values enable them to hit this list every year.
1. Caring
2. Respect
3. High Standards
4. Making a Difference
5. Empowerment

This post marks the beginning of my (most likely endless) Why Wegmans is the best! series. Feel free to submit your thoughts which (if they’re good enough) could be selected to be included in this series and stay tuned for reason #2!