The Cat Ladies Documentary

This is absolutely no joke. You MUST watch the trailer – funny yet concerning. I’m personally a bit offended that I wasn’t asked to be in the film.

The documentary is by newcomer Christie Callan-Jones is currently touring the indie fest circuit to generally positive, if unsettling, reviews. However, the doc’s mission statement seems to snarf at the inevitable snark: “[Cat Ladies] unravels the real story behind the oft-ridiculed ‘cat lady’—a cultural stereotype and figure of ridicule for women of a certain age with too many furry companions.”

I post. You decide.

Here’s Sirloin and I watching the trailer. We’re enthralled.

Throwin’ it back to Halloween.


Fuck that. Excuse my language but seriously, I hate Halloween. Greedy kids walk up and down neighborhood developments and EXPECT (as all kids these days do — especially those who would vote for Obama if they were old enough) handouts. So what if they put on a ridiculous costume? Why do I have to give them candy? I know it’s all in good fun, but I just don’t think it teaches kids a good lesson in HARD WORKING values!


This is Throw Back Friday, and believe it or not, when I was a kid I loved Halloween. NOT because of the free candy BUT because I got to be creative with my Mommy! We would always construct our Halloween costumes, and when I say “we” I really mean my mom would design, develop and construct our get-ups. I would ALWAYS win the best Halloween costume contest at school too. The best was the white shaggy dog which to this day I can still completely recall.

There was the box head with another smaller box snout and a bright red tongue hanging down. The body suit was the best… just white and shaggy! Simple as can be, but my mom made it work. She gets all the credit. The best part was the body suit because it kept me warm when I was out all night begging for candy (and I think my mom planned it that way). She always bundled up my brother, sister and I before we ever went out. We always looked like Randy Parker from A Christmas Story. That shaggy dog costume was so popular it probably got about 5 or 6 Halloween uses between my sister and me and a few of our friends.

So Halloween really wasn’t all that bad as a kid, but I really think that’s because the focus wasn’t on CANDY… it was on the costume and the fun I had with my mom in creating them every year. The skunk was good too :)

Thanks Mom.