365 Days of Creativity

Recently, my great friend (and former RIT roommate) Katie (she also goes by Kate) decided to start a little project called 365. During this project you’d take one photo a day for an entire year. Katie’s project isn’t new, in fact this kind of project has taken many different forms. Each one is unique and displays the creators personality, inspiration, skill and motivation. Here are two other examples:

1. Ze Frank’s “The Show”
The Show with Ze Frank was a short video program produced Monday through Friday for one year from March 17, 2006 – March 17, 2007. I was absolutely obsessed with this show. Ze usually filmed the shows in the morning and by the afternoon they were loaded up and posted to his website. Each show included current events, a funny thought and usually an overview of what Ze was doing that day. At the beginning the video was rough and the interface was basic. As The Show progressed, he developed programs for community involvement, a new interface to display the videos and a huge following. My favorite on-going project was probably Friday Fabuloso where the audience (AKA “Sports Racers”) got to suggest what Ze would say during the show. My all-time FAVORITE show was Austrian Arrows from May 8, 2006:

2. 52 Weeks
If 365 days sounds daunting, you might want to consider the 52 Week project where you take a picture of yourself each week. The photo you take of yourself should represent a little bit of what happened that week and what’s on your mind. Jim Darling, my good friend and fellow designer, is currently participating in the project and you can see all of his pictures on his Flickr page.

On Sunday after seeing Katie’s photos, I decided I wanted to do a similar project. Then I realized that my blog is pretty much the same thing, but might happen a little less often. Then I thought, what if I devoted one day a week to this concept and posted my images here, for all you wonderful Innerspaeth fans to see!? Yes! So today I will start the project. Tuesdays will be, for the next year, my photo of the week day! Stay tuned for today’s photo!

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